Friday, March 30, 2012

Suck It Trabek....Happiness Challenge.

Sometimes stories sound too good to be true.  This is true.  I'm not lying at all.  This shit is true.

Years ago, while living in Tampa, I worked at a new restaurant.  I became friends with many of the people there and some of out lives have spread apart and moved on.  I became friends with a girl named Karon.  When people ask why she's named Karon, she says because her parent's were a moron.  Get it.  Pretty witty, right?  So anyway.

I would hang out with Karon at a local bar/club in north Tampa, where her girlfriend at time worked.  Her name is Ashley.  Well one Sunday night, I was chillin' at the bar (cause that's what I do) while Ashley was working.  We were shooting the shit and laughing and having a good time.  All of the sudden this local WWE wrestler walks in with some friends.  I didn't pay much mind, but was like "hey that's so and so" and left it like that.  People would come up to him and gawk and want a picture and shit.  He wasn't really in the mood for that and I respected that.  All of the sudden, he makes a cheers with his buddies.  The other people around the bar look at him like an idiot.  I got the reference and cheersed (made that up) back.  He looked at me funny and asked if I knew what he was talking about.  I told him I did and then he invited me over for a shot and drink.

Next thing you know, we bring up the SNL skits of Jeopardy and Sean Connery.  I love those skits.  So does this guy.  We're going back and forth again and again.  People are looking at us funny as if we're stupid.  It was classic.

As you can see, this is all classic material.  We went on for a bit and then I thanked him for the drinks and the laughs and walked away.  See people, that's how you deal with the celebs and stars and whomever.  Just hit and run, but make it memorable for a specific reason. 

So then, you fast forward a couple of couple of years.  This guy started to become more and more popular and famous.  He was becoming a main attraction on WWE and "contending" for the championship.  Eventually he became champ.

One day about 6 years ago, he started to come into the restaurant I worked at in Tampa on a frequent basis.  I never brought up our very random moment, but I always remembered.  One day, he came in and I walked him to his table. He was in town and waiting for his guest.  You see, he lives in Tampa.  As we were at the table I told him that little story from above.  He looked at me somewhat funny and then actually remembered it.  He even knew which bar in Tampa we were at.  I was amazed.  I didn't think after 6 years it would jog a thing, but it did.  We laughed about the Jeopardy skits and even relived a couple of them.  Then one night the best thing ever happened.

He was leaving the restaurant with his wife and their friends.  He came up to the front door and asked for his jacket.  I said "No problem" and went and got it.  I was smiling and laughing to myself the whole time and you'll see why.  As I returned to the host stand, there was a group of people at the door.  The gentleman and his guests (4), two other hostesses, one of my bosses and four other random people up there.  I said "Here's your coat, sir."  He replied with a thanks and then I told him the following, "I like your coat.  Its a good fit and nice material."  Once again he said thanks.  I asked him if I could ask him one more question and he said yes.  I then said, "Do they make it for men?"  Everyone around me stared, shocked that I would say this.  You see, he's 6' and 250 lbs of muscle.  He stared at me and then laughed.  It was our little moment and we were the only ones that got it.  This is why we laughed.

By the way, its a funny skit.  So as we fast forward to this past weekend, said wrestler walked into the Charlotte location of where I work.  I told him hello and said it was good to see him up here and asked how things were.  He said good and then looked at me a little funny.  When I told him, that I was from Tampa, he said "Suck it Trebek."  I laughed, he laughed, it was awesome.  This is what makes me happy about my job.  I had some random moment with this guy about some totally random SNL skit.

Suck on it Cena.  See you next time you're in town.  HAHA!!


  1. This story is fantastic! I love everything about it!

  2. I tried my best to leave the suspense as to who the wrestler was, but I didn't do as great a job as I wanted. I did feel a little rushed writing it, but I'm happy with it.