Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't always have my picture taken....

When they tell stories of people in still pictures, I am the thought that creeps into the back of the mind.  People shudder and pray that their picture is clean and 'stache free.  That won't happen on my watch.  I am The 'Stache.  I am here to protect people from lame boring pictures.  See you in a photo of yours soon. - The 'Stache

Another remake?

It gets very irratating that Hollywood can not come up with any new material for their industry.  Everything they make is a remake of something that was made years ago.  Take for instance "Magic Mike."  While you think it is an original movie about male strippers and such, I am here to inform you about the mistake in your thinking.  This movie is a remake.  Not only is it a remake, but it is going to greatly resemble the original film.  While the original was a short (no pun intending), it left a lasting impression on anyone who saw it (once again, no pun intending).  Here for you is that original short.

PS- all puns are always intentional.