Monday, March 5, 2012

A game from college....Happiness Day 4

I was wondering what it was going to be that I would write after Sunday's post.  Its not that finding things that make me happy is hard to do, its just that so many things are personal it's hard to let them out.  Some are superficial and others are held super close.  I guess finally learning to put my guard down might actually happen.

I was thinking about my college days and how much fun I had.  Then I remembered about a person and a game that always make me laugh and smile. 

I read a blog by my friend Nik called "Captain's Quarters."  Here's the link: .  (It was up for best blog in St. Louis not to long ago, so it must be good.)  What I love about Nik's blog is that I get to feel some of that good ole St. Louis humor that I remember back in college.  Nik was my RA for a year in the dorms.  He was an awesome RA.  I remember listening to Ben Folds Five a lot during those nights.  What was really awesome was playing the best. game. ever.

It's called Super Puzzle Fighter.  Here's a video of how the game is played.

Basically, you're playing Tetris and Street Fighter at the same time.  You see, when you get a certain colored blocks together, they mold into a bigger block.  Then if you hit it with one of the glowing balls of the same color, well then all of those blocks go to your opponent.  How awesome is that.

If ever Nik and I were in his room, we were playing this game.  It's hard to find now a days, but they are moments when I wish this game was still out there.  I can listen to Ben Folds Five anytime I want, but man would I love to play this game again.  I can still remember that tiny dorm room (our dorm used to be an old hotel that some said was haunted).  I remember those god-awful desks that only saw homework on the last day.  Those super tiny fridges that could barely fit a few beers, I mean sodas in it.  Oh, college was a good time and there are many, many people that I would love to catch up with.  Some I'm friends with on Facebook and it's nice to see them growing up, with families, still tight with old college buddies.  Those things make me happy.  Maybe I'll talk about them this month, but for right now...

I'ld trade just about anything to sit down on the floor, listen to some Ben Folds Five, and play Street Puzzle Fighter one more time.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I too remember that game and those days quite fondly.
    Strangely enough, Super Puzzle Fighter was an extremely rare game. I tried to buy it on eBay a few years ago and it was going for over $100!?! I miss those times, but not THAT much...