Sunday, March 11, 2012

A picture is worth zero words....Happiness Day 10

Sorry for the delay in the Happiness Brigade's posts.  Working long weekends and nights doesn't really allow me to write on Saturdays.  This is Saturdays post.

Happiness comes in many forms.  Usually we find that happiness is a moment in which the muscles in our mouths make an upward turn and create a smile.  At times happiness is vocal and emits the sound of laughter.  That form of happiness tends to be short lived and very individual, due to the fact that you have to find it funny.  There are also forms of happiness that are very intrinsic and so valuable due to love of others they usually last forever.  This is mostly because they live deep in your heart and you will never let it go.  While all of these forms of happiness are discussed by myself and others during this wonderful month of March, there is one form of happiness that I find every morning.  This happiness comes from a sense of peace and tranquility.

Every morning I look at this painting.  When I have hard times, I look at the painting.  When I feel good, I look at the painting.  When I need peace, guess what?  I look at the painting.  To me, happiness sometimes comes in a moment in which there is complete nothingness.  So today, this is what makes me happy.  Take a moment to look at it.  Actually, take a lot of moments.  Then close your eyes and picture yourself there.  When you're having a rough day, think of this picture.  What you'll notice is that you'll find a moments peace and that a smile will be on your face.  Sometimes, just sometimes, that can create one of the best secrets that happiness can deliver.

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