Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Favorite Band. Thank you Lynn....Happiness Day 3

(I will start with a little disclaimer.  First, if I could have found a video of the band playing live that didnt' sound bad due to mics and video equipment, I would have.  Second, listen to the song before reading.  Walk away and listen.  Then come back and read.  You need to hear the feeling before you can read the emotion.

A couple of years ago, I was going through a not tough, but a not so easy time. This is supposed to be about happiness and we'll get there, you'll see.  If you've finished listening to the song, then you should already have an idea of where this is going.  You should have a smile on your face already.  Maybe a little sweaty from dancing around your room when no one could see you.  Well guess what, all fans of The Givers can feel you dancing to the music.

My friend Lynn, who is completely amazing, took me to see a band that her boyfriend had introduced her to.  He was in Louisiana doing filming for a movie.  While he was in one of those remote towns that has a French-Spanish name that confuses the shit out you when you pronounce it, he went to a dive bar and saw The Givers for the first time.  He brought back the band's CD and gave it to Lynn.  Not long after that, Lynn knew I was feeling all so great.  She knows how much of a fan of music I am.  Considering the fact I have over 22,000 songs on my i-tunes, I would say fan is an understatement.  (There's always music for everything, every time).

She took me to a bar in Tampa, FL called The New World Brewery.  We arrived a little early so we relaxed and enjoyed the outdoor area of the bar and she ran into some people she knew.  We all chatted and had a laugh or two.  Then it was show time.  This is where more music is to follow:

Saw You First by GIVERS

This was the first song I remember them playing.  It was a somewhat spaced out venue with an outdoor patio/stage setup.  As the band played, I had made my way towards the middle front.  There wasn't more than 30-40 people there, so there was plenty of space to relax and listen.  As the songs continued to play, I found my tension started to ebb away from me.  This is what I feel every time I listen to them play.  As the show continued on, something amazing and beautiful happened at the same time.  The lead singer and guitarist had one of the strings on his guitar break.  Oh no!! What do we do now?

Here's what you do.  You have the band take a break and then come back after the guitar is fixed and start again, right?  Wrong.  You have the band take a break and have the female vocalist break out her ukulele and sing a soft, beautiful song alone with just her singing.  When this song was played, I knew that I was going to be in a good place soon.  I knew I had friends that were there waiting for me to catch up.  While I can't guarantee that this was the song, I imagine in my head that it was and that makes me happy.  Enjoy this video too.

I've had the luxury to see them twice. I can't wait to see them again.  As this band gets better and better, I strongly suggest you get their CD "In Light."  More importantly, go and see them live.  They are worth more than the ticket value.  I love their music.  It makes me happy.  It puts me in a good vibe.  It makes me forget about my issues, dramas (real or imagined).  It makes me realize how fun life is.  How fun it's meant to be.  Even though I don't show it a lot, it makes me realize how much love is in my heart.  Most importantly, it makes me happy.  Thank you Lynn.  Thank you sooo much.

- Bonus - if you don't know their music, you might know the commercial:

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