Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh What Can It Mean To A Daydream Believer.

Today, we celebrate a wonderful holiday, Leap Day. A day meant to remind us that we all suck at math and don't trulyy understand how the earth actually rotates around the sun. It reminds us that we make up obligatory cycles of time to fit the needs that sound the best for us. We could use other methods that are more accurate, but why should we. What we have is good and who needs change? As you think about what to do on your extra day, I think about a childhood memory that is now gone.

Davy Jones died of a heart attach this morning. If you don't know who he is, your parents sucked or you are really, really young. If you know who he is, well then, you're old. Or you had kick ass parents and siblings, like I did. This man made my childhood memorable when it came to hanging with my brother.

You see, my brother, David, was the coolest person I knew growing up.  As I got older, I took over that moniker of the cool one (or at least I think so).  What I remember as part of my childhood was watching the old "The Monkees" reruns on TV with David.  I can't tell you so many awesome details, but I remember being told they didn't play the instruments.  I remember my mom telling me about how her and her friends that they were "so cute, blah, blah, blah."  I remember that the TV show they had was campy and fun and that I enjoyed those peaceful moments of being able to watch the shows on Nickelodeon.

As I've gotten older I forgot about The Monkees, but now in retrospection I realize something totally new about the music industry.  Yes, they were created as a marketing ploy for a TV show.  Yes, they couldn't play their instruments.  Yes, they were "adorable, British boys." (makes me want to throw-up).  Yes, they would be a laughing stock now a days in an industry where marketability is second to talent.  Where lyrics and thought are more important than sales and profit.  (I love sarcasm).

This man and his friends would put to shame the industry today not for their lack of talent, but for their actually talent.  They made music fun.  They made fun of themselves and didn't take it so seriously.  They were enjoying music because music is fun.  Its emotional, heart wrenching, gut checking, intellectual fun.  When I hear a song by The Monkees, it makes me happy because they were having fun and enjoying life and that in turns makes me want to have fun and enjoy life.  Music these days (major media/radio music) sucks.  There is no more fun and life in it.  There is plenty out there that over time I will share with you that is fun and life enjoying, but today I'm sad.  Real love of music and real love of life died today and with it, a little bit of me.

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