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Press play before reading..... Acid Raindrops - Instrumentals by GrimeyD

Not to long ago, I started posted music on my cousin Amy's facebook page. I know that she has gone through a lot and I am happy to have a strong cousin to look up to. One day, I posted something random and my other cousin Anne wasn't really upset, just wanted to let me know that I could post music to her as well. I said I would, but then she also commented on the fact that "no rap please." I get that we all have different tastes, and that's cool, but this is a post about two guys from LA that are more than rap, they are just pure good music. This is the story of how I got introduced to "People Under The Stairs."

Many years ago, I turned 25. It was the best birthday party I've ever had. It was a Tuesday night in Springfield, MO and that meant Old School Night at the HighLife. I was excited. I frequented that place every tuesday with my friends James, Devin, and Rick. The dj was a guy who went by DJ Platinum. I became friends with him and many others over the year and was excited to have my birthday on that night. I had talked to Platinum about the upcoming tuesday and my birthday and asked if I made a playlist for my birthday would he play it. He said yes. That night was unbeleivable. Not only did he play the MASSIVE playlist I made, everyone showed up. James, Larry, Devin, Garrick, Rick, Bob, and more whose names escape me but memories never leave me, plus guys I barely knew but couldn't beleive were there: DJ Imperial and DJ Vinyl Richie. These two cancelled a gig each to come out for this party and that meant a lot to me. What was most unexpected was that Imperial and Vee Ree brought me a gift, it was three People Under The Stairs cds. I had never heard of that group and was excited to listen. When I did.....I was forever changed.

Press play again, when the first one is done

. The Breakdown - Instrumental by GrimeyD

You see, to me, hip hop is not just about rhymes and beats and getting people dancing. It's bigger than that. It has to fit a mood and have a purpose that only the listener understands. Not all hiphop is made equal and this could be the world's longest arguement about what is hiphop vs rap and rap vs music. This is about how the People Under The Stairs are the ultimate in pure hip-hop to me.  When I listen to it, I am transported to a different place. Someplace that is relaxed and chilled. A smoke filled,dive lounge bar in the 1970s. Yes, while what I am playing is the instrumental, this is to give you an idea that hip-hop is not entirely about the lyrics. This is what hip-hop is to me: true ideal beat production. Taking a beat idea that has not been explored before. Making something out of the most random samples and talking about life in a way that everyone can relate to. Plus, their lyrical ability and approach is not about bragging about bitches and hoes and guns and drugs, its about life (which might include those things, but not in that loud manner). Listening to P.U.T.S. changed my perspective on what makes music.

While I am a fan of rap, techno, house, rock and roll, alternative, hipster rock, etc, PUTS made me understand what good MUSIC is. PUTS makes me feel like everyday is sunny, no clouds, ready for a bbq, take some time at the pool/beach, cruise across the bay when the sun is setting, drive for 30 minutes with no where to go, get ready for the club, live life with no pretensions, and go to sleep satisfied that the day was great and knowing that tomorrow is going to be the same.

In all my travels from Missouri to Florida to Vegas to Florida to North Carolina to Florida to North Carolina and all the family traveling in between, the one constant has been I own every PUTS CD. When I am in the right mood (a mood that can't be described but you know it when you are there), I listen to PUTS. It reminds me of my friends that are elsewhere and the times I've had with them and how much I love and miss them. It reminds me of my family and how much I love them and miss them, too. It makes me happy for music in general that there are people out there trying and succeeding at making music that is so great and beautiful. Most people don't get that music is the soundtrack to our lives. This group is my favorite soundtrack for my favorite movie:  The Life of Me.

For the last 9 years, the greatest gift I got was not just a People Under the Stairs ablum, it was friends that love music as much as I do.  It was the gift of being able to meet people like me who felt what I felt and loved music so much.  It was learning that there is sooooo much more out there. Turn off the radio, press play one more time and walk away. Do some chores. Press your laundry. Read a book. Write a book. Make a cocktail and sit on your porch and let the music play and enjoy your day.  Just make sure you turn it up.

  The Wiz - Instrumental by GrimeyD

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