Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A View.....Review

 For the month of May, the book to read was "A Room with a View" by E.M. Forester.  Before I started reading this book, I had a few conceptions about it.  I wasn't sold on how good it might be or what the hell it would be about, but I found it to be very nice.

First and foremost, no one dies in this book.  For the last 4 months, the books have been a bit of a couple downers.  In April, the heroine dies because her husband is an idiot.  In March, the heroine was a whiny little girl who couldn't get over it.  In February, the lead characters deserve to be shot and beaten and forced to hang out with Carl's mom from The Walking Dead.  In January, the heroine leaves her man for another and then kills herself.  That is a great collection of books to start your year with.

In A Room with a View, we find ourselves traveling to Italy with the lovely Lucy Honeychurch.  She is with her guardian, or professional third wheel if you like.  They are starting their adventures when they realize the room that they have just won't do.  So, a nice boy and his father decide to give them their rooms.  And their rooms have a view of the city and countryside.  As the adventures in Italy go around, Lucy tries her hardest to not be lured into falling for young George.  No matter how they try to avoid each other, they find that they continuously end up near each other.  Well, after the madness of his being to forward, Lucy moves back to England. (Boring!!!).  Next thing you know, the meddling pastor from Italy is in their neighborhood and starts meddling again.  Lucy is forced to start dating this ultra boring man named Cecil Vyse.  Every time he spoke in the book, all I could think of was that guy from Family Guy with the huge bottom jaw who mumbles.  Eventually, Lucy can't take anymore of this boring ass and leaves.  When she leaves, she decides to go back to Italy, which no one knows.  There, she and George get back together and live happily.

What I loved about this book was the fact that a) it ended happily and b) it ended correctly.  This is what a novel is supposed to make you feel like.  Happy at the end.  Happy that you finished it.  I liked the fact that I got to leave to a place I had never been.  I've read plenty of books that take place in England or New York.  Very rarely do you read one that transports you to Italy.  It was a nice change of scenery and I loved feeling like I was there on the hillsides with Lucy and George.

There was one part though that I didn't get.  Early in the book, when George and his father give their rooms to Lucy and her guardian, he leaves a note in the mirror for Lucy.  What did it say?  I have no idea.  I feel like I missed something because I don't know what it said.  At the end, I felt like Brad Pitt in "Seven" when he was yelling "What's in the box?" over and over.  I was yelling to myself, "What was in the note?"  If anyone knows, please let me know. Or let me know where it is in the book.  I did find "A Room with A View" very pleasant and would recommend it to anyone that needs a shortish book to read.

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