Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm huge in....

As I don't write a whole lot, but should, I decided to look at the stats for my page views.  Low and behold I'm huge.....in Latvia.  That's right a tiny country in the Baltic States.  No, the Baltic States is not a piece of property you can buy in Monopoly.

A few interesting facts about Latvia for you:

1)  The capital city of Latvia is Riga.  It has a population of 900,000.  It is also the largest city in the Baltic States.

2.) The Latvian anthem is titled ‘God Bless Latvia’.

3) Vilhelm Ostwald of Riga was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1909.

4.) The flag looks oddly similar to the Austrian flag.  The Latvian flag has a deeper red hue to it.


As I continue to blow up throughout the world, I will try to educate you about the wonderful nations that for some reason find me entertaining, enlightening, and educational.

Enjoy your day and good bye!  Or, as they say in Latvian -  Atā!

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