Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best Show on TV...

How I feel now that it is Tuesday's in September:

After many long months, the best tv show returns tonight.  While I will run up and down about how awesome "The Walking Dead" is, it is more of the guilty pleasure of unrealistic reality that I enjoy.  The base level of man being forced to start again.  Of being forced to be primeval and just surviving each and every day like it is your last.  "Breaking Bad," while completely awesome, has some of those guilty joys inside it as well.  It makes you want to release the inner demons in your soul and just go completely ape shit whenever you want. "The Killing," which is wonderful, takes it's time and draws out the broodiness of each of us.  You want things to move along quickly, but they just can't.  While it's frustrating, you realize that that is life.  Dammit if they didn't find her killer sooner, but now I wonder what they are going to do in Seattle now that Rosie's death has been solved.  On "Madmen," I love the sense of style that the show evokes.  While the sexism, racism, and alcoholism are front and center, the show reminds you of a time in which people actually got dressed.  They presented themselves each and every time there was a chance to.  In this day and age of cargo shorts, t-shirts, and hipster apparel, it is nice to be reminded that fashion once matters and that it can again.

Now each of these shows, while on AMC, are not ranked number one in my list of best show on TV.  That resides with the wonderful story of the Braverman family.  Each and every Tuesday, I run home (if I'm out) to make sure that I am in front of my tv at 10 pm.  I have to wait to post anything I say until about a half-hour after because of family in other timezones who haven't seen the show yet.  I have to wait until Wed mid-day to find out what songs were played during the show, because no show since Entourage has had a better song selection for each scene.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, this just about sums it up.


Parenthood is about dysfuntcion and love and trust and growth and the joy of family.  If you aren't watching, you need to.  If you are already, then there is little I need to say.  If you are just getting started, hurry up and finish the last three seasons.  This one is going to be great.  See you on Wednesday.

When people say they don't like Parenthood, I feel like your soul looks like this:

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